Hula Hoop Revival

Not just for kids anymore. Now hoops are making stronger, more confident, and happier adults.

Discover the benefits of hooping
· Burns 7-12 calories per minute
· Builds strong and healthy core muscles
· Low impact, high energy cardio work-out
· Aerobic work-out that promotes weight loss
· Tones and sculpts muscles of the legs, buttocks and arms
· Increases flexibility of the spine, pelvic and shoulder girdle
· Quiets the mind as you relax from repetitive circling
· Relieves stress …
· Builds confidence and self-esteem
· Reduces belly fat from menopausal and post-natal women
· Improves balance, agility, and dexterity
· Gets you reacquainted with “playing” and having fun.
Where can you burn 600-800 calories in an hour, have fun, and benefit your body, mind and spirit?

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