Snow Hooping!

Snow Hooping!

Before this beloved winter was over I decided that I needed to brave the elements and do some snow hooping. 22 degrees and ankle deep snow made for an interesting time. I had to concentrate on my footing more than the hooping so I didn’t land face first in the snow. I am blessed by a child who has an eye for photography and after a little bit of beggin’ he came out to take my promo shots, as I like to call them. I keep telling them I am not trying to be vain but taking pictures for buisness purposes. But I am realizing it is good to see pictures of myself hooping. We have a personal image of ourselves but I feel really good when I can look at a picture like this and say “Hey, that’s me! aanndd it’s a fantastic picture.” I may not be 20 anymore but this hoop has made me feel that way. It has also made me feel beautiful, given me a chance to relax and feel comfortable for who I am. A hoopdancer


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