What IF…..

What if ……I didn’t live out of fear anymore. What if I made my own decisions. What if I made choices that made me happy. What if I lived like I have always wanted to live. Free! Get ready for my new adventure and my new life. A season of renewal and what ifs….!


5 thoughts on “What IF…..

  1. I purchased a recycled skirt at Buses in May and really like the cut and design! I wish I would have purchased both skirts that I liked and am wondering if it is possible to do so via mail. I am looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing you again at Buses next year!


    1. Hi Kris. Thanks for contacting me. I am so happy you are enjoying your skirt. Ues you can purchase thru online/mail. There will ne a $5 shipping fee. Which skirt are you interested in? And I can check to see if I still have it in stock.


      1. Thanks for your quick response! It is black with a light white or gray design on the front and a gray stripped panel on the back – it has a band waist versus a wrap and was on your sale rack at buses. Thanks for checking!


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    2. Thanks for your quick response! The skirt is black in the front with the little white or gray design and the back has a striped gray panel. It was on the sale rack at buses and has an elastic waist waist band. Thanks for checking!


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