Artprize 9 artist, 2017

Artprize 9 . It’s a great experience. I love hearing the reactions, feedback, questions, and the looks on their faces. If I had more paint available and more time available I would hang out in this space all day talking with people.  I hope they take an experience away from my display they may not have a chance to experience if I had not followed my passion. #artprize #artist #splatterpaint #artprize9


Starkey Egg chair! Yes, it’s mine!

When Craigslist offers a pearl, you accept it. This pearl just happened to be a Starkey brand egg chair that was originally used for hearing tests in the 70’s. Browsing vintage items and i ran across this rare piece. It has speaker hook ups and acoustic foam that need to be replaced but after that it will be a sound capsule to fully immerse yourself in music. Oh it’s dreamy….who would have thought I would be so excited about an egg. Stay tuned for a sound video of the updated version. #starkeyeggchair #starkey #starkeyhearing #eggchair #egg #chair #70s #vintage #retro #original #avion #avioncamper #avion1968