Starkey Egg chair! Yes, it’s mine!

When Craigslist offers a pearl, you accept it. This pearl just happened to be a Starkey brand egg chair that was originally used for hearing tests in the 70’s. Browsing vintage items and i ran across this rare piece. It has speaker hook ups and acoustic foam that need to be replaced but after that it will be a sound capsule to fully immerse yourself in music. Oh it’s dreamy….who would have thought I would be so excited about an egg. Stay tuned for a sound video of the updated version. #starkeyeggchair #starkey #starkeyhearing #eggchair #egg #chair #70s #vintage #retro #original #avion #avioncamper #avion1968


Comic skirts and Hulahoops: When your clothes and hoop match! 

Getting the comic character shirts whipped up into your new favorite skirt, with matching hulahoop. Beginner hoops or polypro for more advanced hoopdance available. Here is a sleek peak into my new line. 

Sailor Moon recycled t-shirt skirt with ruffles and reflective tape hoop and a beginner hoop.#sailormoon

MARVEL recycled t-shirt skirt with drawstring. #marvel

Rainbow Underhair, I dare!

Rainbow hair Underhair is amazing. I did it. New hair for the summer. Oh wait. It’s winter in Michigan. Well, I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed something to brighten my mood and have some fun. So, here I am with rainbow underhair looking like I am a Pinterest model for kick a** hair color. “I don’t care! I love it, I don’t care….” pop music listeners will pick up on that quote. 

Music for kids

Music is fantastic for our brains and our health. It soothes the mind and gets out body moving. The more music we can include out life the better. The problem we have as parents or caregivers is that not all mainstream music is appropriate for kids to be listening to and if you are dancing around with groups of kids it’s really awkward to have a song that is suggestive . So I am always adding music to my kid friendly playlist on Spotify. This is my go to playlist for kids workshops. Get up, get movin’ without worry and just enjoy the moment dancing with your kids. 

Watch “My 1st Vlog! Jen of IMAJENation Revival” on YouTube


Vlogging is where it’s at! Well that is what I hear. Video blogging is a way for me to tell you all what adventure I am on.  It could be thrift store shopping, creating refashioned clothing, traveling with my 1968 Avion vintage camper, hula hooping, a weekend at a music festival, a tutorial, or some wonderful words of wisdom learned along the way. Check it out. Subscribe to my YouTube and smile!